Female anatomy: part 1

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Let’s begin with some essential info about our external and internal female organs… 

Vulva and vagina – What’s the difference?

Think of the vagina as the entrance to the female pelvic organs, about 11 cm long. Outside is the vaginal opening  (called the vestibule ) connecting to the labia minora and continuing inside – ending around the cervical opening. 

The vulva is the female external genitalia. It originates very similarly to the male genital organs. 

Outside is the outer – labia (majora) Surrounding the inner – labia (minora). 

On top, there is the clitoris and directly under it is the urethral opening. At the bottom – the perineum – separating the vagina from the anus.

The labia protects the entrance to the vagina and provides lubrication. The clitoris is an organ designed for arousal and pleasure (we will talk about it soon, no worries 🙂 )

Just like any other part of the body, vulvas are unique and come in all shapes, textures and sizes.

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