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Dr. Yulia Wilk Goldsher, obstetrician & gynecologist and our Blog writer 

Dr yulia wilk goldsher

My name is Yulia Wilk Goldsher and I live near the sea with my partner Dani and our 3 beautiful girls. I am a doctor. It defines me in many ways; as my profession, as a way of life and a state of mind. I love to know, ever since I was a teenager my mind was fascinated by questions about how our body works and that led me eventually to med school and later to obstetrics and gynecology. The more I study the more I understand that knowledge is strength. When we understand what is happening to us – physically and emotionally then we can take control and feel empowered to make the right decision for ourselves. I work in a big hospital and encounter girls and women at every age. I follow pregnancies and deliver babies, educate about birth control and treat different gynecologic diseases. I am also interested in female sexuality and think that it is an integral part of every gynecologic topic. This feels like an exciting adventure. I’m looking forward to share empowering knowledge and hear what is on your mind when we discuss together some feminine gynecologic topics.

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Sophie, community manager

Sophie met us during our Master’s studies in Berlin, she studied human rights and social work at the same school. Living in 4 different countries has taught her to navigate many health care systems, advocate for herself in new languages and cultures, ask many questions and learn to take agency over the ‘management’ her health. She has worked as a social worker in domestic violence shelters and a volunteer on a sexual abuse helpline in Canada, researched social policy topics (family support services) with the OECD in Paris and now supports The Storytelling project with the Facebook page.

Elsa, art therapist

After 2 years of dedication in the education world, concluded by the publication of a book to learn how to blossom at school, Elsa discovered dancing and training at Berlin Dance Institute. Passionate about the powerful therapeutic effects of the arts, she also expressive art therapy at the Tamalpa institution.
Today she’s sharing her time between helping students to develop their potential as a coach, creating art, to better understand the world she’s living in, and giving workshops about creative expression.